Aceh Coal Exports to India 31.05 Million USD

Jakarta,- Aceh Province exported coal to India amounting to 31.05 million USD in April 2024. Followed by Thailand amounting to 11.22 million USD with the main commodity condensate.

“Then, the third rank is the United States 6.66 million USD with the main commodity in the form of coffee,” said Ahmadriswan Nasution, Head of BPS Aceh, Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

He explained, the export value of goods from Aceh in April 2024 amounted to 58.31 million USD. This figure increased by 12.70 percent compared to exports in March 2024.

“This figure also increased by 5.24 percent when compared to the conditions in April 2023,” he said.

The commodities from Aceh are mostly exported through ports in Aceh and others through ports outside Aceh. 

Aceh commodities exported through Aceh ports in April 2024 amounted to 41.57 million USD or 71.29 percent. While the rest is exported through other provinces.

Thus, overall the largest commodity exported in April 2024 was coal worth 30.66 million USD. 

“Followed by coffee and spices worth 12.95 million USD, and condensate 9.51 million USD,” he said.

“Where most are exported through neighboring provinces, namely North Sumatra Province amounting to 16.54 million USD,” he said.

 Sources :  Jun 04.24

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