April 2024 Reference Coal Price (HBA), High Calorie Burning

Jakarta,- The reference coal price (HBA) for high-calorie coal for the April 2024 period has increased significantly compared to the previous month.  

The HBA was determined through the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 88.K / MB.01 / MEM.B / 2024 concerning Reference Metal Mineral Prices and Reference Coal Prices for April 2024 which was set on April 22, 2024.    

The HBA for high-calorie coal in the calorific value equivalent of 6,322 kcal/kg GAR in April 2024 rose 10.35% to US$121.13 per ton, from US$109.77 per ton in March 2024.  

Furthermore, the HBA with calories of 5,300 kcal/kg GAR for April 2024 was set at US$86.93 per ton, lower than the previous month's reference at US$88.77 per ton. 

The HBA for coal with a calorific value equivalent of 4,100 kcal/kg GAR is at US$57.17 per ton, this value is up from the previous reference at US$56.83 per ton.  

Then, the HBA for coal with an equivalent heating value of 3,400 kcal/kg GAR was at US$36.32 per ton, lower than the previous month's HBA at US$37.60 per ton.

Meanwhile, the HBA for April is used as the basis for calculating the benchmark coal price (HPB).

Meanwhile, global coal prices have weakened. Based on Bloomberg data on Monday (22/4/2024), the price of coal for the April 2024 contract at ICE Newcastle closed down -0.84% at US$129.50 per metric ton. Coal for the May 2024 contract also weakened -2.65% to US$138 per metric ton.  

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reported that the value of Indonesia's coal exports decreased on a monthly and annual basis. In March 2024, the value of coal exports reached US$2.56 billion. 

This value decreased by 1.13% compared to February 2024 (month-to-month/mtm) which reached US$2.59 billion and decreased by 28.49% compared to March 2024.

However, by volume, coal exports increased from 33.05 million tons in February 2024 to 33.31 million tons in March 2024.

Sources : ekonomi.bisnis.com Apr 23.24

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