Bedeschi announces new coal transshipment in Indonesia

Jakarta, - Bedeschi S.p.a. has announced the finalisation of a new contract for a coal transshipment system, gaining the trust of a new customer in Indonesia.

An important Shipyard will build this tailor-made solution in the Guangdong district with final destination in Indonesia.

The scope includes two receiving hoppers with associated belt feeder extractors, one coal blending mixer, belt conveyors, and one slewing luffing telescopic shiploader.

The system is controlled by multiple levelling sensors to monitor the quantity of coal in the hoppers and optimise the blending performances.

Transshipments are an essential part of the materials handling on the open sea to avoid bottlenecks inside ports and form a big part of the company’s offshore solutions.

This is another important step in Bedeschi’s globalisation strategy with Bedeschi Far East, its widespread network in the Far East and its team based in Hong Kong with Indonesia and China Mainland offices.

Sources : Jan 11.24

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