Coal Market Outlook November 2023
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Market Overview

A quiet end to a quiet week saw front end DES continue to be offered down on screen, with a lack of genuine buyers continuing to stifle activity. Paper markets finished the week by sliding lower, as Cal 24 fell by $1.25/t, while the Q1'23 Swap NEWC was $1.50/t worse off. This was the opposite trajectory for the wider energy complex which saw gains across the board, notably front month. Brent adding $0.78/bbl to sit at $88.71/bbl near close of play.

From the Asian Desk

The NEWC Physical markets remained quite wide today. The demand for 55 HA Aus NCV retracted to sub $100/mt but we continued to see demand for 38NCV.

From the Met Desk

A market for December HCCA Branded lited up the screen today at $340.0/$350.0 in 40kts, and that awaits to narrow.

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