IMEF Forecasts 750 Million Tons of Coal Production in 2024 with New Regulation


Jakarta, The Indonesia Mining & Energy Forum (IMEF) predicts coal production in 2024 will reach 750 million tons. This followed the issuance of a new regulation regarding the RKAB Document for the mineral and coal mining sector which is officially valid for 3 years.

Chairman of IMEF, Singgih Widagdo is optimistic that this year’s coal production target will exceed the target as happened last year. The coal production target this year is set at 710 million tons.

“In 2024 with a target of 710 million, and moreover, RKAB is made for three years, including projected needs that are still promising, I believe national coal production can reach around 750 million tons,” Singgih told CNBC Indonesia, Tuesday (01/09/2024).

Meanwhile, he assessed that the achievement of coal production in 2023 which exceeded the target was caused by several factors. Starting from a fairly good price to favorable weather to boost production targets.

“Indeed, the RKAB or national target of 694 million, with prices that are still quite good (above the average mining cost) and also favorable weather certainly causes national production above the target,” he said.

As is known, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) noted that Indonesia’s coal production achievements throughout 2023 have exceeded the set target.

Based on data from Minerba One Map Indonesia (MODI), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on Tuesday (9/1/2024), Indonesia’s coal production in 2023 has exceeded 766.95 million tons. This figure is at least 110.43% of the target pegged at 694 million tons.

From the coal production, the realization for the domestic market or Domestic Market Obligation (DMO) reached 336.55 million tons of coal. Meanwhile, the realization for the export market was 396.54 million tons.

Sources : Djakarta Mining Club- Jan.16.24

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