Lower than 2023 Realization, This Year's Coal Production Target is 710 Million Tons

Jakarta, The government has set a national coal production target of 710 million tons this year. This target is lower than the realization of coal production in 2023 which amounted to 765.73 million tons.

Director of Coal Business Development at the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Lana Saria, said that this coal production target increased from the previous year's target.

"The national coal production target is planned at 710 million tons, an increase from the 2023 plan of 694.50 million tons," Lana told Kontan, Thursday (4/1).

However, the coal production target in 2024 is lower than the realization of production in 2023. Referring to Minerba One Data Indonesia (MODI), Indonesia's coal production in 2023 reached 765.73 million tons.

From the coal production target of 710 million tons, the government has set a potential Domestic Market Obligation (DMO) or domestic supply obligation of 181 million ounces. "The export potential is 529 million tons," continued Lana.

Meanwhile, until early January, the government has issued 290 approvals of the Work Plan and Budget (RKAB) of coal mining companies.

As an illustration, Indonesia's coal production continues to increase every year. In 2020, coal production reached 565.69 million tons.

Then it increased to 606.28 million tons in 2021, and again increased to 685.8 million tons in 2022. This number increased significantly in 2023 to reach 765.73 million tons.

Sources : Kontan.co.id- Jan 05.24

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