MEMR urges Jambi to reopen public roads for coal transport

Jakarta,- The turmoil of closing coal transportation operations in Jambi Province is heating up. This was after a letter from the Director General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy, Mineral Resources (ESDM) asking the Governor of Jambi to reconsider opening coal transport truck activities on national roads.

This is because coal still has the potential to be a supply of electricity for PLN in the Sumatra region.If coal transportation on this national road is stopped, it will be able to reduce electricity supply in the future.

In letter number T-169/MB.05/DJB. B/2024 dated January 25, 2024 received by this media, the contents of which include requests for support for the implementation of coal transportation in Jambi Province.

This letter was signed electronically on behalf of the Acting Director General of Mineral and Coal, Bambang Suswantono.

In the letter, it was explained that the Director General of Mineral and Coal supported the Jambi governor’s instruction number 1/INGUB/DISHUB/2024 concerning the regulation of coal transportation activities.

At the beginning of the letter, it was explained that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources supported the policy, especially to encourage coal mining entrepreneurs to complete special roads. In addition, it also ensures that the logistics distribution of the 2024 election runs smoothly.

However, it is explained in the letter that coal is currently still a commodity supporting the sustainability of electricity supply in the Sumatra region.
The stoppage is feared to affect the supply of coal for electricity providers in the Sumatra region.

Therefore, there are two points conveyed by the Director General of Mineral and Coal through the letter to the Governor of Jambi.

First, to reconsider the opening of coal transportation both river and land routes for mine owners who are far or not in the river crossing based on appropriate traffic engineering management schemes.

Second, if violations are found in its implementation, the Governor of Jambi can re-evaluate the operation of coal transportation.

Sources : Jan 31.24

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