Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to Re-auction 8 Mining Blocks

Jakarta,- The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) plans to hold an auction for mineral and coal mining blocks next week. Director of Mineral and Coal Program Development, Julian Ambassadur Shiddiq, said that as many as 8 mining blocks would be re-auctioned.

"Next week we plan to auction 8 more blocks," said Julian to Kontan, Monday (25/3). 

Julian confirmed that the 8 mineral and coal mining blocks that will be re-auctioned are blocks that failed at auction in 2023. However, Julian emphasized that there would be no changes to the provisions in the re-auction this time.

Previously, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources auctioned 19 mining blocks in 2023. A total of 9 mining blocks were confirmed to have winners.

The nine mining blocks include the Brang Rea Block (gold) with the winner being PT Tambang Sukses Sakti, the Semidang Lagan Block (Batubara) by PT Kharisma Raflesia Utama, the Nibung Block (Batubara) by PT Mustika Energi Lestari, the Marimoi I Block (Nickel) by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) and the Gunung Botak Block (gold) by PT Merdeka Tambang Jaya.

Next, the Kaf Block (Nickel) with the winner being PT Mineral Jaya Molagina, the West Merapi Block (Batubara) by PT Merapi Energy Coal, the Foli Block (Nickel) by PT Wasile Jaya Lestari and the Lililef Sawai Block (Nickel) by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM ).

The WIUP auction was attended by a total of 130 participants who submitted tender requirements documents for the 19 WIUP blocks being auctioned.

In the first wave of re-auction, there were eight WIUPs that were re-auctioned, namely Lolayan Block, Marimoi I Block, Gunung Botak Block, Semidang Lagan Block, Brang Rea Block, Taludaa Block, Nibung Block and Kaf Block.

This Wave I re-auction is a re-auction of the WIUP auction which was previously held in October 2023 based on Announcement Number 1.PM/MB.03/MEM.B/2023.

Meanwhile, in Phase II of the auction, there were the Mulya Agung Block, Ulu Rawas Block, Bayung Lencir Block, Lingga Bayu Block, West Merapi Block, Tumbang Nusa Block, Pasiang Block, Pumlanga Block, Foli Block, Lililef Sawai Block, and Natai Baru Block.

Sources : Mar 26.24


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