Work Progresses on the 340 km Coal Road in Jambi

Jakarta,- Governor Al Haris stated that Jambi has promised to continue working on the 340-kilometer special coal road which has been built since October 2022, and it is hoped that this year it will be completed by three investors worth tens of trillions of rupiah.

"To speed things up, now there is another new investor from South Kalimantan who wants to join in completing this special road, and this entrepreneur has expressed his seriousness about working on a special coal road in Jambi," said Al Haris, in Jambi, Tuesday.

The investor is a well-known businessman from South Kalimantan with the full name H Samsudin Andi Arsyad who is also the owner of the Jhonlin Group company.

Meanwhile, old investors such as PT Sinar Anugerah Sukses (SAS) are working on 105 km of the special road, PT Putra Bulian Propertindo (PBP) is 140 km long, and PT Inti Tirta is only working on 95 km, while new investors will only increase the speed of completion of the special road for that coal.

The latest developments for the project carried out by PT SAS are still ongoing, and only the port has not been completed.

Meanwhile, PT Putra Bulian Propertindo and PT Inti Tirta are still continuing to work on each.

Jambi Province Regional Secretary Sudirman, who is also the chairman of the acceleration of solving special road problems, said that currently there are indeed obstacles being faced, especially on special roads built by PT SAS (Sinar Anugerah Sukses).

The company received a recommendation from the ministry to complete several points in completing the construction of this special road.

"We have reminded you that progress was visible on the special road in July, and the operation of the special road does not have to wait for 100 percent of the work to be completed because some parts can already be used and some cannot yet," said Sudirman.

Currently, the special road built by PT SAS has been built for 108 kilometers, covering the route from Pauh, Sarolangun Regency to Mendalo Darat, Muaro Jambi.

Then PT Putra Bulian Propertindo is working on routes in the Kilangan Village area, Bajubang-Mestong District, Batanghari Regency-Sungai Gelam-Kumpeh Ulu and Taman Rajo, Muaro Jambi Regency.

Then, PT Inti Tirta worked on the roads starting from Mandiangin-Batin XXIV-Muara Bulian-Maro Sebo Ilir District, all in Batanghari Regency.

Sources : Apr 03.24

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