Pertamina-Petronas Seeks New Oil Sources in Eastern RI

Jakarta,-The Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) said Pertamina and Petronas are currently actively looking for new sources of oil and gas reserves through a joint study in the Seram Island Basin, Maluku.

Expert Advisor to the Head of SKK Migas Nanang Abdul Manaf revealed, based on an integrated study conducted by the exploration team, there are five oil and gas focus areas that are being targeted for their potential, including Buton, Timor, Seram, Aru-Arafura, and Warim.

“In 2022 we are working on Eastern Indonesia. There are five areas, there is Buton, Seram, Aru, Timor, then Warim. Some of them have been finished, JS for example, even Arun has become a block. Seram is currently a joint study. There is Pertamina, Petronas, then there are other companies too,” Nanang said on the sidelines of The 48th IPA Convention & Exhibition (IPA Convex 2024) at ICE BSD, South Tangerang, Thursday (16/5/2024).

Previously, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) admitted that it was eyeing new oil and gas areas that had bright prospects, especially in eastern Indonesia.

PHE Exploration Director Muharram Jaya Panguriseng did not disclose in detail the name of the oil and gas area that the company is eyeing. However, his party is still waiting for the results of a joint study for the area because it is still an open field or open area.

“In the near future in March the name will come out, we are eyeing this, it also has the potential to become a Big Fish in Eastern Indonesia as well. There are already several that know we are eyeing, some of them already want to come in,” Muharram said, Tuesday (6/2/2024).

On the other hand, Muharram explained that of the total number of oil and gas basins in Indonesia, at least only 20% have been explored. The remaining 80% are still untouched.

“The number of basins in Indonesia is very large and only 20% have been explored, of which only 10% have been drilled, so we still have a lot of potential,” he said.

Therefore, PHE is currently evaluating the oil and gas potential in several basins, such as the Seram Basin, Bone Bay Basin, and Aru Basin.

“We evaluate then we rank which one is the most emerging among those we have, then we submit it to the government,” he said.

Sources : May 16.24


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