PHR Hunts for Oil Reserves in Mibasa and Pinang East Wells of Rokan Block


PEKANBARU - PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) is exploring with a number of wells to increase production, in order to support the achievement of the national target of 1 million barrels of oil per day (BOPD) in 2030.   

PHR VP Driling and Copletions Andi Solihin said that exploration activities will continue to be enhanced until the end of 2023 by drilling the Mibasa Well in Minas, Siak Regency, while in the near future in the Pinang East Well, Kepenghuluan Teluk Nilap, Kubu Babusalam District, Rokan Hilir.    

The drilling of the Mibasa Well was carried out after a study of oil and gas potential by targeting reservoirs (oil and gas reserves) in the Basement and Telisa formations. Basement is a bedrock layer that is generally not targeted by previous drilling.  

Likewise, the Telisa layer is located in the overburden or hood (in petroleum terms). After an in-depth study, these two layers have the potential for large and promising oil reserves.


It is one of the new methods and technologies used by PHR in an effort to increase oil reserves in mature working areas. The Telisa layer drilling process is relatively shallow using a rig with a depth of 1,360 ft. While for the Basement layer, the drilling target is at a depth of 2,958 ft.  

PHR continues to increase production efforts and hunt for new oil reserves to prevent natural decline in old fields. Since the transfer of management, PHR has drilled more than 1,000 wells in WK Rokan.


Around the same time, PHR will also drill the Pinang East well which is an exploration well adjacent to the Pinang field. The target reservoir is Bekasap Sand, which is currently the main reservoir in the Pinang field. 


The drilling will be conducted vertically with a depth of 3900 ft, relatively the same as the Pinang field. The Pinang well is low risk, as the geology and subsurface are very similar to the Pinang field.  


The Sumbagut SKK Migas representative appreciated all stakeholders who have supported the exploration well plowing activities in WK Rokan. SKK Migas continues to encourage exploration programs in WK Rokan in an effort to support the achievement of the target of 1 million barrels of oil per day in 2023.   


"Next year there are around 570 wells that we will drill. Of course, it requires support from all levels of society and regional apparatus. Hopefully this well tilling will succeed in finding large hydrocarbons so that it can encourage an increase in national production," said Coordinator of Formalities and Communication of SKK Migas Sumbagut Rochaddy Lubis.

Sources : Jan 02.24

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